We have various materials such as engineering plastic film, adhesive tape, foam body, nonwoven fabric, fabric, metal sheet and combined materials etc. to support diversifying needs for products.


We propose tapes for various applications from merchandise of many makers such as double-sided tape for structure with adhesiveness equal to adhesive and welding, tape whose adhesive is conductive, tape corresponding to the VOC Regulation, tape that is very thin and takes less space, tape with high weather resistance and water resistance, tape that can be used under high/low temperature, tape conforming to the incombustibility UL Standard, tape that is removable and recyclable, and tape to fix materials with poor adhesiveness etc.

Material Feature
Double-sided tape for structure Strength equal to adhesive
Material less tape Thin, Flexibility, Heat resistance
Heat resistance double-sided tape For section to which temperature of 100℃ or higher is applied
Conductive double-sided tape For sections that require conductivity
VOC-conforming double-sided tape Corresponding to the VOC Regulation, No toluene, Emulsion
Thin double-sided tape For adhesion for small devices with less spaces
Double-sided tape for exterior Weather resistance, Heat resistance
Incombustible double-sided tape Conforming to the UL Standard
Differential tape With multiple adhesiveness on one/two surface(s)
Double-sided tape for optics For level difference absorption, High transparency and workability
Removable tape Removable tape for parts recycling
Banding tape For banding of various goods from metal to vegetable
Splicing tape For connecting films or separators
Double-sided tape for rough surface For rough surface
Plasticizer resistant double-sided tape Prevent the effect of plasticizer of soft PVC and rubber etc.
Double-sided tape for poor adhesiveness For materials with poor adhesiveness such as silicone and olefin etc.

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