We have various materials such as engineering plastic film, adhesive tape, foam body, nonwoven fabric, fabric, metal sheet and combined materials etc. to support diversifying needs for products.

Electricity / Radio wave

We provide various materials for electric insulation and electromagnetic shielding including shielding material that protects electric devices from electromagnetic waves, anti-static brush that removes the static electricity on paper and film, and film for internal insulation of motor, inverter, battery etc.

Material Feature
Electromagnetic wave shielding material Processing of material that protects electronic devices from electromagnetic waves
Conductive tape Kneads a conductive materials in adhesive
Anti-static brush Removes the static electricity generated by friction of paper/film
Anti-static separator Prevents the static electricity when removing and attachment of foreign substances
Various insulation films
(PEEK) Heat resistance (higher than 260℃), Fatigue resistance, Chemical resistance
(Polyimide) Excellent heat, mechanical and chemical characteristics
(PPS) Long-term heat resistance, incombustibility, Dimensional stability, Chemical resistance
(PET) Good in the mechanical/chemical characteristics and cost balance
(PC) Heat resistance, Conformity with UL incombustibility standard, Shock resistance, Optical transparency
(PVC) Low cost, Incombustibility, High workability
(Insulation paper) High heat resistance, Conformity with UL incombustibility standard
(Denaturated PPE) High workability, Conformity with UL incombustibility standard

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