We have various materials such as engineering plastic film, adhesive tape, foam body, nonwoven fabric, fabric, metal sheet and combined materials etc. to support diversifying needs for products.

Slip / Stop

We have various slip proofing materials including not only fluorine film with high heat resistance, non-adhesiveness and slippage, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene whose heat resistance is low but mechanical strength is equal to fluorine and slippage is higher than fluorine, PEEK with the highest heat resistance in thermoplastics resins and high wear resistance and mechanical strength, urethane rubber, silicone and artificial leather whose friction coefficients are controlled.

Material Feature
Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene High shock resistance, Mechanical strength, Slippage, Chemical resistance
Fluorine film Heat resistance, Non-adhesiveness, Weather resistance, Chemical resistance
PEEK film Excellent heat resistance and mechanical strength
Urethane rubber sheet Flexibility and wear resistance
Silicone material Non-adhesiveness, Heat resistance, Flexibility
Rubber sponge Cushioning characteristic, Economy, Various hardness
Artificial leather Flexibility, Flexibility of friction coefficient

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