Product Information


The products of Hayashi Felt are trusted by many companies and assembled in various merchandise such as OA equipment, automobiles, optical equipment and mobile phones etc.
We have delivered our products to more than 1,000 companies.
The followings are the some examples.

Parts for Display Equipment

As for parts for display equipment, we provide widely including internal and exterior parts such as insulation/reflection film sheet for the inside, reflector film and surface protective film sheet.

Example of Use Material Processing Method
Reflector insulation rubber Silicone rubber
  • Press forming
Insulation single-sided tape Polyester film material single-sided tape
Surface protective sheet Urethane adhesion, Silicone adhesive sheet
  • Slitting
  • Laminate punching
Diffusion film sheet Light diffusion film
Reflective/Shading film sheet Silver deposition film
Fixation double-sided tape film material double-sided tape, High transparency material double-sided tape


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