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The products of Hayashi Felt are trusted by many companies and assembled in various merchandise such as OA equipment, automobiles, optical equipment and mobile phones etc.
We have delivered our products to more than 1,000 companies.
The followings are the some examples.

Parts for Automobiles (Exterior/Interior)

As for automobile parts, we can provide processed goods for various applications of interior and exterior such as shock absorption material, sound/waterproofing sealing material, appearance paint-alternative tape, shading materials for around instrument panel, filter, painting line closing material, brake air-filter felt material, interior decorative material, thermal countermeasure material for around lamp, seat sensor protective material, emblem fixing strong double-sided tape, harness noise reduction material etc.

Exterior Parts

Example of Use Material Processing Method
Pillar paint-alternative tape Weather resistant film adhesive tape
Drip molded water proofing sealing material EPDM foam sealing material
Door mirror water/sound proofing sealing material Urethane foam sound proofing material, EPDM foam sealing material
Emblem fixing double-sided tape Weather resistant strong double-sided tape
Brake air adjusting felt Wool felt, Needle punch, Urethane sponge
Bumper painting coating end part masking tape Crape masking, Film masking
Closing material Olefin adhesive tape


Interior Parts

Example of Use Material Processing Method
Soundproofing felt, Sponge EPDM,Foamed polyurethane/Felt
  • Punching
Mirror shatter-resistant tape Foam material double-sided tape
Seat sensor Special urethane, Incombustibility felt
Meter panel shading tape Black double-sided tape
CD curtain Artificial leather
Glove compartment cushioning material Urethane, PE sponge
Wire harness protective material PVC
  • Laminating
Wire harness fixation tape Special single-sided tape
Wire harness noise reduction tape Special single-sided tape
  • Specially-developed product
Tonneau cover shock absorption material Artificial leather
Seal material for water sealing of automotive lamps Foamed EPDM


Please see this about the EV-related parts.

Parts for EV-related

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