Product Information


The products of Hayashi Felt are trusted by many companies and assembled in various merchandise such as OA equipment, automobiles, optical equipment and mobile phones etc.
We have delivered our products to more than 1,000 companies.
The followings are the some examples.

Parts for OA Equipment

As for office equipment such as printers and copying machines etc., we provide various functional parts such as cushion members for sound absorption, damping and soundproofing, various parts fixing double sided tapes (removable, strong adhesive, incombustible etc.), film materials for powder scraping, film materials for mixing, air filters for dust-proofing, tonor seal materials, conductive materials, paper feeding friction adjustment materials and paper pressing sponges etc. to many office equipment makers.

We support customer demands with the development of specialized materials that match applications and flexibility to connect hand-made trial production to mass production.

Example of Use Material Processing Method
Various cushion materials (for soundproofing, sound absorption and damping) Urethane, Olefin, EPDM foam
Various parts fixing double sided tapes Strong double-sided tape, Removable double-sided tape, Non-VOC double sided tape
Films for tonor scraping PET, Polycarbonate, PPS etc.
  • Punching
  • Rotary processing
  • Bending
Various air filters Urethane, Nonwoven fabric,
Various sealing materials Teflon felt, Nonwoven fabrics, Various foam materials
Anti-static brush Conductive fiber
  • Special processing


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