We have various materials such as engineering plastic film, adhesive tape, foam body, nonwoven fabric, fabric, metal sheet and combined materials etc. to support diversifying needs for products.

Prevent / Protect

We propose materials to protect materials from various things such as damage, shock, UV, fire and water etc. such as protective film that protects a surface of materials from damages, harness protective sheet that protects wire harness for automobile from friction and disconnection and prevents short-circuit, hardcode that prevents damages on a surface of plastic film, shock absorption materials that prevents noise and friction, sealing material and filter to prevent water and dusts etc.

Material Feature
Surface protective film Inexpensive price, Various adhesion depending on a material to which attach
Harness protective sheet Low cost and compatibility of wear resistance and incombustibility
Nonwoven fabric Various line-up from shock absorption material to filter
Hard coat film Pensile hardness 2H-10H, High transparency
Urethane rubber sheet High flexibility, Wear resistance
Dustproof filter From urethane foam to nonwoven fabric and honeycomb filter
Waterproof tape Compatibility of adhesion and waterproof
EPDM foam seal material High waterproof and weather resistance
UV cut film Cut UV for 99% or more
Incombustible film, Sheet Various films that are UL94V0-V2

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