Product Information


The products of Hayashi Felt are trusted by many companies and assembled in various merchandise such as OA equipment, automobiles, optical equipment and mobile phones etc.
We have delivered our products to more than 1,000 companies.
The followings are the some examples.

Parts for Optical Equipment

As for optical equipment such as cameras and video camera, we provide parts including internal reflection-preventive material, shading material, indication label, grip fixation double-sided label, screen fixation tape, shock absorption material, packing and protective film etc. to multiple optical equipment makers.

Example of Use Material Processing Method
Grip rubber fixation tape Plasticizer-resistant double-sided tape
Internal reflection-preventive material Reflection-preventive film, Sheets
Various shading materials Black・Silver shading film・Tape
Indication label Label, Yupo, Film
Insulation material PET film etc.
Mirror fixation tape Removable double-sided tape
Battery cover packing Urethane foam material
Sheet for around liquid crystal Urethane, PE foam sheet
Protective film Urethane adhesion, Silicone adhesion, PET material, Olefin material protective tapes
Screen fixation tape Strong double sided tape
Shock absorption material Nonwoven fabric, Foamed sponge


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