Company Introduction


We will advance the business with the “Hayashi-style” and contribute to the society

Company Overview

Name Hayashi Felt Co.,Ltd..
Establishment January 1948
Incorporation December 17, 1962
Capital ¥ 200 million(¥500 x 400 thousand stocks)
Executive Officers
Representative Director & President
Tsuyoshi Ishii
Shunichi Araki
Yasuyuki Okuyama
Maaki Kamio
Masakazu Suzuki
Employees 93
Sales ¥ 53.1 billion (Fiscal year ended December 31, 2023)
Main Stockholders Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co.,Ltd.
KGK System Co.,Ltd. Gyohei Hayashi
Banks Ueno Chuo Branch, MUFG Bank,Ltd.
Ueno Branch, JOYO BANK
Enrolled Organization Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Certification JIS Q 9001:2015 (ISO 9001:2015), JIS Q 14001:2015 (ISO 14001:2015)


January 1948 Mr. Keiichi established Hayashi Felt at 2-1-4 Kotobuki, Taito-ku, Tokyo for selling and processing of felts
December 1962 Incorporated as Hayashi Felt Co.,Ltd. Capital: ¥5 million
September 1977 Opened Yashio Factory
July 1980 After the increase of capital for few times, New Capital: ¥45 million
March 1983 Opened Osaka Branch
July 1984 Opened Tsuchiura Representative Office
December 1984 Got the investment from Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co.,Ltd. and increased the capital, New Capital: ¥100 million
December 1987 Keiichi Hayashi, the Founder and President passed away, Gyohei Hayashi was induced as the President
September 1989 Opened Hikone Representative Office
September 1991 Doubled the capital, New Capital: ¥200 million
November 1992 Tsuchiura Representative Office moved to the newly-built building
September 1998 Established HAYASHI FELT(H.K.)LTD. in Hong Kong
January 1999 Transferred the color felt business to Felt House
September 2000 Acquired ISO14001 certification (All the companies in Japan)
March 2001 Gyohei Hayashi was induced as the Chairman, Hiromasa Moriya was induced as President
April 2002 Acquired Hachioji Packing Co.,Ltd.
September 2002 Established HAYASHI OA PRODUCTS DALIAN CO.,LTD. in Dailian, China
March 2004 Acquired the ISO 9001 certification (all the companies in Japan)
July 2004 HAYASHI OA PRODUCTS DALIAN CO.,LTD. acquired the ISO 14001 certification
April 2005 Established HAYASHI SUZHOU CO.,LTD. in Suzhou, China
May 2006 Established HAYASHI ZHONGSHAN CO.,LTD. in Zhongshan, China
July 2006 Opened Oita Representative Office
August 2008 Changed the name of Hachioji Packing Co.,Ltd. to Yamanashi Seimitsu Co.,Ltd.
April 2012 Changed the name of Osaka Branch to Osaka Sales Office
March 2013 Established HAYASHI FELT(THAILAND)CO.,LTD. in Thailand
September 2017 2nd factory of Yamanashi Seimitsu Co.,Ltd has been established.
March 2021 Hiromasa Moriya was induced as the Chairman, Tsuyoshi Ishii was induced as President
March 2021 The Hikone branch office closure

Settlement Information

Our company discloses the balance sheet instead of the public notice of the Paragraph 1 of the Article 440 of the “Company Act” based on the provision of Paragraph 3, Article 440 of the act.

(January-December 2023)
Balance Sheet of 61th Term
(January-December 2022)
Balance Sheet of 60th Term
(January-December 2021)
Balance Sheet of 59th Term
(January-December 2020)
Balance Sheet of 58th Term
(January-December 2019)
Balance Sheet of 57th Term

Organization Chart

CSR Activities

Management Policy

  1. Corporate management by considering the global environment
  2. Development of human resources by transfers of authorities
  3. Development of technologies and products that meet user needs
  4. Maintenance of solid financial condition

Corporate Ethical Policy

We pursue proper interests by fair competition under the basic policy that “Contribute to the industrial society through the production of additional values”, recognizes the importance of social responsibility of corporate, complies with laws, and implement business activities based on social norms and common senses.

Compliance with Laws and Social Norms
We comply with the related laws (laws/ordinances/internal rules), and implement business activities based on the social norms and common senses.
Healthy and Fair Business Activities
We do fair competitions and trades, and maintains healthy and normal relationships with customers/suppliers and government authorities.
We do not give or accept gifts or entertainment that are not appropriate compared to the social common senses.
Promotion of Environmental Preservation
We make efforts for the reduction of loads on the global environment and preservation of the global environment by improving own environmental condition.
We make efforts for energy/resource saving in all the business activities and continuous improvement.
Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
We pay careful attention to intellectual property rights of other persons not to infringe them.
Compliance with the Act Against Delay in Payment etc. to Subcontractors
We do not push any unfair treatment and delay in payment to subcontractors.
Dealing with Anti-social Forces
We do not have any relationship with anti-social forces/organizations that disturb social order and piece.
Respect to Human Rights
We consider basic human rights and privacy and do not accept any kinds of discrimination and harassment in all the business activities.
We secure healthy workplace environment, and provide a filed in which employees can improve themselves and realize self-actualization.
Thorough Compliance with Corporate Ethics
We act by giving the first priority to the social justice and ethics. In case that is not corresponding to this, we make efforts to solve the problem, find the cause, and prevent the recurrence as the whole company.
And we impose a punishment, as necessary.
Business Continuity Plan
We provide and implement the business continuity plan (BCP) for case that a phenomenon that affects the business activity of our company seriously to maintain the management and management policy of our company.

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