Environment/Quality Policy

Environmental & Quality Policy

Quality Management System

Quality Basic Policy

Hayashi Felt Co.,Ltd.. makes efforts to improve the customer satisfaction by establishing and implementing the quality management system, improving continuously, and improving own quality condition.

Quality Policy

  1. Hayashi Felt Co.,Ltd. complies with the laws & regulations and the items provided by the quality manual, sets the quality assurance system and improve continuously to provide safe and high quality products to customers.
  2. Our company sets a quality target for the whole company every year, and evaluate the result by the management review.
    And make sure to provide resources necessary to achieve a target.
  3. Our company provides the quality policy, make all the employees know it, and make efforts to promote and maintain it.
  4. The management revise the quality policy upon environmental change and requirement from customer.
  5. Our company makes efforts to improve the customer satisfaction to realize no claim and no trouble.
  6. Our company makes efforts to reduce environmental loads by establishing the environmentally effective substances management system and complying with the requirements of laws and regulations.

April 1, 2015
Hayashi Felt Co.,Ltd.
Yasuyuki Okuyama, Director & Chief Administration Officer

Quality Certification

All the offices and bases in japan have acquired the ISO9001 certification.

Japan Accreditation Board JUSE-ISO Center
Registration Type Quality Management System
Registration No. JUSE-RA-982
Applied Standard JIS Q 9001:2015(ISO 9001:2015)
Issue Date March 22, 2004
Scope of
Manufacturing of functional parts for OA equipment, automotives, cameras.

I acquire the certification of ISO9001 from a local certification organization in all overseas bases.

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